~ Common Q & A ~

 (Please read through the following questions, and they may be able to answer your questions.)

Q: What are your cancellation policies?
A: RHO requires a $100 (Non-refundable) deposit to hold your date. It is first come, first serve. However; if you need to move your date you may do so. There are no refunds.
Q: What is the most hogs we will see in a night?

A: It is normal for us to see 30-100 hogs in a night.

Q: How many hogs can we kill per night?

A: As many as you can shoot and kill. Unlimited.

Q: Are there really NO other Fees?

A: Yes, there is No catch or gimmick here. We aren’t trying to nickle and dime anyone. RHO wants everyone to have a great experience in Northeast Texas. 

Q: Can we bring the meat home with us? 

A: Yes, you can bring it back in a cooler or dry ice package. 

Q: What time of the year is the best hunting?

A: Typically December through March/April  (they are out on wheat fields) & June/July (wheat harvest) 

Q: Will I need a Texas hunting license?

A: No, If you are only wanting to shoot hogs. If you are wanting to include coyotes or bobcats in your hunt; then Yes, you will need a Texas 5 day hunting License for $48.

Q: What time does our hunt start? And how long will it last?

A: The hunt starts around 7pm, We usually hunt till 2/4am.

Q: What should I bring with me on the hunt?

A: Cooler for meat, camera/phone for pictures, clothing based on weather conditions, good attitude and ready for fun!